Desktop Search

Talking about productivity, there is no doubt that search plays a very important role. Why ? Because search enables us to find the information we need, and of course, having the right information in the right time means an increase in productivity. And that’s why Google is very popular: they enable us to find the information we need from the huge information forest of the Internet.

Ironically, when it comes to our own desktop, things can be very different: it’s hard to find the information we need from our own desktop ! So it’s funny here: it is easier to find information from some thousands-of-miles-away servers than from our own desktop that sits right in front of us ! Wow ….

And so here come the new playground of search: desktop search, a service that enable us to find the information we need in our desktop the way we do in the Internet. Now can you guess, who is the first player coming to this ground ? Well, you guess right: Google.

Google Desktop is the first player in this ground. Actually it’s a shame for Microsoft, because months before they said that they would beat Google by introducing a desktop search tool, an area Google had never touched. But what happen then ? Google made a direct hit on Microsoft by releasing their desktop search tool months before Microsoft’s !

And now, the field of desktop search has some other players too beside Google and Microsoft: Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, and Copernic. It’s a hot ground these days; seems like everybody tries to get their feet on it.

Well, I think it’s enough for now. I’ll talk more about this topic later, especially about my experience with this tools and how they affect my productivity.